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About the Founder

Selamnachu! And Greetings From The good-looking of  Ethiopia.”  Abraham Fentaw (General Manager and owner of the company. my name is Abraham Fentaw I  am a trekking/tour guide with many years experience in guiding and organizing tours for individuals and Group itineraries for Trekking and Tours. I was born and grew up in Lalibela. I have spent years exploring the remote mountains villages, the country’s unique cultures and people’s lifestyles of Ethiopia.

When I started in this profession I worked at a hotel. Then I studied Tour Guiding at Lion Ethiopia Hotel and Tourism Collage in Addis Abeba and I became a professional government licensed guide, then  i work freelance guide for different tour company.  i set up my own fully licensed Tour company. I am an ecologically sensitive tour worker and I specialize in presenting Ethiopia  in a way that works best for my clients. All the itineraries included in this site have been fully tried and tested. Some of these programs are totally new concepts after many years experiences & I have found them to be suitable for all age groups.

Deep in my heart, I would like to bring people together who are keen to learn about Ethiopian tribes lifestyle and culture, and to travel strictly within the guidelines of Eco-Tourism and responsible tourism and to preserve the environment for other people and younger generations. In this way you can learn deeply through nature and the people you visit on the journey. My main priority is to show visitors the real Ethiopia, how Ethiopian tribe communities interact, and how they live simply but happily in harmony with nature.

The idea is to enjoy good trekking and tours for those who want not only to have fun but also wish to see spectacular landscape, wildlife, ancient rock and cave churches, religion and cultural festivals and  tribe communities. We travel in small groups and ensure that you have an experienced English-speaking  guide, who has the right mindset and can share with you a deep knowledge of the country culture, History, religion  and their environment.