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About US

Our Vision

is to make Glance Ethiopia Tour & Travel Agent to be one of the best Experience selling companies in Ethiopia!

Our Mission

is to standout as a leading, globally oriented tour operator that provide experiences that will show the wealth, variety and wonder of Ethiopia to the rest of the world.

What We Do

  • We deliver custom tours geared towards customer’s choices & requirements.
  • We supply new experiences & tours that have flexibility in time, budget & purpose of tours.
  • We design tours that are tailored towards specific requirements of customers.
  • We develop tours that can better reflect Ethiopian weather, custom, language, music & time of year.

Our History

  • Abraham Fantaw, owner and manager of the company, was born and grew up in one of the historical & majestic city of medieval Ethiopia. Since childhood, Abraham learned, watched, learned and gained practiced experience in tour guiding in one of the UNESCO recognized world heritage site, Lalibela, which is worldwide known as the Petra of Africa.
  • Abrahams, as he grew in age, took primary and secondary school education in Lalibela, to further advance his understanding of historical sites and their place in world tourist activities. Later Abraham was enrolled in Lion Ethiopia Tourism, Hotel and Business College and secured his Diploma in Tour Operation, which helped much in setting up Glance Ethiopia Tour and Travel Agency business establishment.